P-CON Knowledge Systems has over 15 years track record in the provision of supportability solutions to the Defence and Aerospace Sector.


» Analysis , Design and Development of supportability program for Armidale Class Patrol Boats

» Initial logistic support analysis for The ANZAC Ship Frigates  
» Life Cycle Cost Model for AWD, Tanker and new Amphib Ships  
» Combat System Training for RAN FFG Upgrade project  
» Habitability Upgrade and Test Program for Amphibious Transports  
» ILS Program for new RAN Tanker  

» Major Training solutions for Upgrade of the Mine Warfare Branch

» Training Studies for MineHunter, Minesweeping, Mine Warfare Systems Centre, Mine Warfare Career Courses, Exercise Mine Route Survey System


» Initial supportability analysis for the Armed Reconnaissance Helicopter and Bushmaster


Australian Maritime College Bridge Simulator

» Battlefield Command Support System

Maritime Warfare Training Centre- Simulation and DIS Study

» Training Rationalisation Cost Analysis

» ANTA Certification

» Multi Media Solutions

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